How to configure Kodi for IPTV

  • Firstly, you must have your M3U file on the device you want to use it on (Android Box, Fire Stick, PC etc)
  • Open Kodi.
  • System > TV > General > Enabled.
  • It will tell you there is no PVR add-on enabled, Click OK.
  • It will now present you with a list of PVR clients.
  • Scroll down to "PVR IPTV Simple Client", Click on it. 
  • Click Configure.
  • On the General tab, change the location to either local path (if the M3U file is located on your Android Box / Fire Stick / PC hard drive) or remote path (if its hosted on the web).
  • Locate your M3U file.
  • Paste your M3U line over here.
  • Press "EPG Settings" tab and paste EPG's Link.
  • Then click Channels Logos and set Channels Logos from XMLTV on Prefer M3U, finally press Ok.
  • Now click on Enable
  • Then press the X to close the menu, and press the kodi home button. Now exit the app.
  • Restart Kod.
  • You should notice "PVR manager is starting up" and it will begin loading the channels.
  • You will now notice a TV section on kodi, go inside that and you will see your channels.
  • Now simply select a channel, allow it to load / buffer (will depend on your internet speed) and there you have it. FHDIPTV working on a Kodi PVR client, as opposed to having a program that loads channels (ike Stalker).
  • You can click on Guide and see channels' EPG.


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