How to Setup FHD IPTV on Enigma2

Download the file to your computer:

Copy the file onto a USB drive and connect the USB drive to your Enigma2 Device.

Install the plugin on your Enigma2 Device. 

Enigma2 is available in many different versions/images. How to manually install a plug-in varies by image however the steps will be similar.
    Software Management
    Install Local Extension
    Select Source – your USB drive
    Install extension
    Select the extension XtreamTV_0.0._6mips32el.ipk.ipk  (press OK to select)
    Green button to install
    Restart Enigma2.
    Press Menu.  You will see a new option XtreamTV, select this option
    In the top right you will see an ID: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    Let us know the code and we will set you up.

 Once the team lets you know that you have been set up, press the blue button to validate.
You now have access to our live channels and our VOD

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  • jim farnham

    Does multiroom allow two different channels at the same time. Does catchup work on a vu + box. Thanks. Jim

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