MAG 256 IPTV Box

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MAG 256 Latest Original Linux IPTV/OTT Box:

Fast Processor, faster than MAG 254-Genuine Original Box From Infomir. Main Features are:

  • MAG 256 can access IPTV streams over the internet, Stream content over your local network, Play content from USB storage devices.
  • IPTV box that can be connected to your TV, MAG 256 box provides access to web services such as Picasa, Online Cinemas & Weather Forecast, browse the web from your living room using the built-in web browser.
  • A lot of people are no longer using their TVs through traditional methods and this is where the MAG 256 comes into its own, supports wired internet setups.
  • Supports wireless internet setups with the addition of a wireless USB dongle (NOT INCLUDED), The simple interface and good performance give a great user experience.
  • This price includes next day delivery(weekdays).

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