A multiroom connection is an IPTV service through which you can watch our IPTV content on 2 or more devices in your household at the same time.

If you have only 1 device in your household which you want to connect with our IPTV service, then buying our IPTV service is easy, just click here and order our service normally as would you do but if you have 2 or more devices in your household and want to connect with our service then you have to select to select how many devices you want to connect to our service.

Extra +1 device would be that you need IPTV service on 2 devices and extra +2 means 3 devices and so on. Unlike other IPTV providers which don't allow you to mix Mag box connection with smart tv user, with our service you can mix and match in any way you like.

We also provide our clients with an extra discount if they buy our service with a multiroom connection. You can order our services here.